@ MSHP 2023

Here, betwixt the twentieth and twenty-second days of May in the year 2023, there occurred remarkable CTF contests with ferocious eight tasks, wherein over a hundred competitors valiantly contended. The victors were duly rewarded with the boon of entrance to the Mega Sekurak Hacking Party conference in Krakow. The esteemed Grand Master of the CTF Tournament, Gynvael, received honorary accolades for his knightly, irreproachable conduct, as well as for generously imparting his wisdom and refraining from disrupting the tournament within ten minutes.

Furthermore, ye shall find the enchanting incantations concerning the resolutions upon the ensuing folios:

Sir Asentinn of The Cookie Jar: link to the
Sir tTargiel of The Great Saarland: link to the
Sir xProsek of Silesian Scholarship: link to the

Meanwhile, anticipate forthcoming events, cast you might, mortal beings!

Chad of Thunder Cock

::Hall of Heroes

Place Nick Points
HONORABLE gynvael 1337
1 vcpo 900
2 zori 900
3 Darkdante 900
4 Remik 900
5 Tomek 900
6 Sharkman 900
7 asiahello 900
8 rvr 900
9 DrRiverSong 900
10 fortis1 900